Google Docs alternatives: where to transfer documents if Google is blocked

Google Docs alternatives: where to transfer documents if Google is blocked

We figured out where you can move your documents if one day Google Docs gets blocked, and chose several alternative solutions for working with files.

Google Docs alternatives: where to transfer /p documents

If a few years ago the main workflow took place in the built-in Microsoft Office software, today it has been replaced by Google Drive with all the additional programs. Google provides convenient services for remote and sharing access to the necessary documents and files, and is also simple and convenient to use, so not only many students and freelancers, but also large companies have adopted it. However, Google Docs can be replaced by other services.

Microsoft Office 365

Word Online as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite is the Word text editor familiar to many with all the features, but in an online format. Access to files for other users opens in a few seconds. Word Online has the same features as Google Docs, and the service toolbar is the same as the desktop version.

The application is instantly synchronized with all products of the Microsoft line. It has everything you need for a complete workflow.


Notion is one of the most popular content collaboration services. It is used in different situations: from planning a shopping list to shaping the work of entire agencies and companies. Content in Notion is formed from blocks that can be moved, changed, styled and customized. The service allows you to keep everything you need at hand without running through several folders and tabs


You can use Notion to make to-do lists, track habits, write down your thoughts or goals. You can store all this in any format: kanban boards, tables, databases, bulleted lists and plain text. In addition, you can add images, videos, links to other resources, and divide information into different categories on any page.

For large projects, Notion is one of the most convenient solutions, as you can assign a task to a specific employee, set up a calendar and deadlines for each. The service can also replace the use of a CRM system and Excel spreadsheets. In addition, the software is free and works on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.


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