Sinocare UB4 automatic blood pressure monitor

Hello everyone! There is one more function in this tonometer. It is desirable because the tonometer announces the results of measurements. Traditionally, the branded box was slightly wrinkled on the way. A small bonus, but nice. Additional features: English voice and results saving, auto power off, irregular heartbeat detection (IHB), measurement time reminder, low battery indication. It is useful because it explains how to select pressure units, how to use the information recorded in the memory cells for each user, how to delete all or individual entries in the measurement log. Model number and specifications are on the side. For correct use, there is a drawing explaining which hand to put on, at what distance from the fold and in which direction to fasten, where the tube should be, The tonometer is supplied with detailed instructions, which are desirable and useful to study.

Sinocare UB4 automatic blood pressure monitor

But for some, the voice acting can be annoying and the instruction explains how to turn it off. It announces the measurement results for those who can’t see well, automatically turns off and has a bright display with orange backlight. It allows you to schedule the measurement time and will display ON on the screen at the appointed time. Information is indicated both on the box and on the cuff itself. The tonometer cuff is designed for an arm circumference of 22 – 24 cm. Today a small review of the Sinocare automatic blood pressure monitor. Despite the efforts of the postal services, the contents were not damaged, and in addition to the blood pressure monitor, cuff and waste paper, four AAA batteries were found in the kit. It is compact, there is a choice of pressure units, it can keep statistics for two people, recording data in memory for 90 records for each user. For those who can’t see well, this can be handy. The after-sales card contains information and a QR code to receive a discount coupon for the next purchase.

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